Enlarge Magazine 

Enlarge Magazine is the first magazine about penis enlargement and second publication of Defrost Studio. It is a visual and highly ironic (erotic?) journey to discover some of the tools which are helping men being a “better lover”. Here we have played with existing photographic styles and narratives to build a new one, which hopefully will teach something. Even though what is not clear. As always, we are quite ironic in our projects, but there’s always a very sociological and serious topic we start from, which in these case is how men perceive their body in society in relation to sex (but not only) and how they believe they are required to be.The magazine is divided into articles and each of those has a different topic. From the best water penis pump on the market to Greek statues with small penises, via food and FAQs.All the photographs in the magazine are original (except those on the last page) and all the texts have been downloaded from blogs and forums on the matter (except the editorial).The goal is to learn something about a very unknown industry and laugh about fears, uncertainties and also our body. We don’t need to be serious all the time.

Project Description - On Vogue - PDF